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HandBuiltApps have been specialising in website development services in London since 2010, so we are confident that we can deliver outstanding website development projects.

Our reputation in London for website development services comes down to the trust developed with our clients. Our team of developers, designers and project managers can help you at every stage of the website development process, as well as any additional services including managed website hosting or content migration.


We have found HandBuiltApps to be hardworking, understanding, respectful and showing great initiative in all the tasks that have been put to them. We would highly recommend them to undertake commitment of any project entrusted upon them.
Mohammed Shiraz, Property Solutions

Our Website Development Services

HandBuiltApps believe in all-round website development services, and so we provide front end website development, back end website development and full stack website development. This means that whatever your website development service needs, HandBuiltApps have you covered.

Front End Website Development

Front End Website Development is all about converting data to graphical interface for user to view and interact with using HTML5, CSS3, React or Angular.


Back End Website Development

Back End Website Development is refers to the server side of an application and everything that communicates between the database and the browser, including Yii, Laravel and Code Igniter.

Code Igniter

Full Stack Website Development

Full Stack Website Development is all about having developers that can work in the front end and back end of a website, using platforms like WordPress, Magento and Yii.

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