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The market for custom mobile apps is increasing, and businesses are looking to increase their brand awareness through iOS app development, as well as the underutilised android app development market.

Not only can HandBuiltApps develop your app on iOS and Android, but we can help expand your reach by generating longer lasting, UX and UI preferencial apps.


We have found HandBuiltApps to be hardworking, understanding, respectful and showing great initiative in all the tasks that have been put to them. We would highly recommend them to undertake commitment of any project entrusted upon them.
Mohammed Shiraz, Property Solutions

Our App Development Services include

HandBuiltApp’s app development services are broken down into IDE, Programming Language and Features, all of which play a fundamental part in the app development service.


IDE is an Integrated Development Environment, with XCode specialising in iOS app development, and Android Studio specialising in Android app development.

Android Studio

Programming Language

The programming language below are split between React Native which is JavaScript, Swift which is specific for iOS app development, and Java which is located in Android Studio for Android app development.

React Native
Swift (iOS)
Java (Android)


The features are additional features that can be developed into your app, which include dynamic, real-time updates, artificial intelligence and machine learning.

Real-time Updates
Artifical Intelligence
Machine Learning
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